Your website is a liability!!

Protect your company from a major ADA website compliance lawsuit…….


The Americans with Disabilities Act applies to all websites.

  • The 9th District Court of California considers websites to be a “place of public accommodation” and subject to ADA requirements. (Robles vs. Domino’s Pizza)
  • ADA requirements apply to content, code and functional accessibility relating to:
  • keyboard navigation
  • color contrast
  • text size
  • legible fonts
  • flashing content can cause seizures (epilepsy)
  • screen reader compatibility
  • ALT tag descriptions for images 
  • and more

Violations are considered DISCRIMINATION!!

Fines for non-compliance can be as high as $50,000 PER INCIDENT! 

California has legislation that adds additional fines of over $4,000 (not including attorney fees) per violation.

Class-action lawsuits can result in much higher fines and fees!

The higher the number of pages and traffic to your website,
the greater the chance of a lawsuit.

Will you be next!??

The job postings on your website are getting you in trouble!

So are the images of your products, your shopping cart, contact forms, lead forms, and more.

The number of lawsuits has increased from hundreds to thousands in the last couple years!

This is a wake-up call for all businesses who want to avoid litigation.

72 Hours is All It Takes!

We can improve your ADA website compliance within 72 hours.

  • Minimize exposure
  • Significantly increase website compliance
  • Mitigate potential lawsuits
  • Avoid negative social media attention
  • 24 hour monitoring

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Site #1 is using the ADA website compliance widget. 96% compliant. No stress. No worries.

Site #2 is NOT using the  ADA website compliance widget. They are an EASY target for a lawsuit resulting in penalties of over $50,000 or more.


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Using WAVE, an ADA website compliance testing tool, this site goes from having 12 errors to ZERO errors using our ADA website compliance widget.

They go from having a potentially SERIOUS issue to no issues at all within 72 hours.

Protected Clients Include:

  • Client List 3
  • Client List 2
  • Client List 1

Request a
FREE “Quick Check” of your site.

We will:

  • Check the accessibility grade of your site
  • Highlight potential problem areas
  • Make recommendations on what to fix