Leverage Technology For Better Compliance

We’ve spent years developing this solution for faster ADA website compliance

Contextual Understanding Technology

Our AI scans websites and understands their element structures, button functionalities, and object hierarchies, thus determining their level of significance based on the context in order to make the site accessible.

Image Recognition Technology

We automatically scan all the images and background images process then using an AI image recognition technology and provide them with alternative texts (ALT tags).

Machine Learning Technology

We process each website the software is installed on and learn from it for continuous improvement. Our system also learns from other websites our software runs on, making it more accurate each day.

Giant Tech Collaborations

We collaborate with the biggest and brightest companies in the world, such as Google and Clarifai, to ensure that our systems are always at the pinnacle of today’s technology.


Sample Website with User Accessibility Menu


Another Sample Website with User Accessibility Menu


Our solution is fully customizable and can easily adapt to your website’s design or template

Tired of accessibility solutions that not only cost a fortune but also harm your website’s design? Well, no more. Our software is fully and easily customizable. In less than a minute you can completely adapt our interface to your templates. Choose colors, sizes, icons, positioning, and much more!

Customize the interface colors

Choose an icon out of 20+ options

Modify sizes and shapes

Position the icon wherever you prefer

Designed and developed with people with disabilities

Our software was planned, designed and developed in collaboration with people with disabilities to ensure a compliant end user experience. Having the end user involved allows for better website usability and may help your employer brand.


A quick and simple installation with a single line of code

It’s installed by IT professionals or your webmaster by adding a single line of JavaScript code to your website. It’s as easy as installing Google Analytics or Facebook Pixel. It can also be implemented using Google Tag Manager.

Simple integrations with popular CMS’s

Providing Better Access To An Integrated World

The internet has revolutionized the world we live in. We feel everyone should have the same access. We are here to assist the 19% of the population who need help accessing the internet and enable its use to enrich their own lives.


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